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The “Hug Chair” by Gabriella Asztalos

Beautiful furniture design by Gabriella Asztalos. The “Hug Chair” is handcrafted and available in two editions – The Classic and the Contemporary. The Classic edition features an elegant Walnut Wood outer layer and the Contemporary is constructed using Fiberglass, available in black and white.

“A unique uni-body circular structure connects both seats together allowing two people to sit face-to-face and thus creating an immediate intimate interaction.Through this physical connection, you feel socially and emotionally connected with the person sitting on the opposite side. The upper ‘half-pipe’ which bends above the heads creates a highway of thoughts and a chain of emotions. In this way you are interconnected within the same circle and the focus is always on the other person, exactly what a hug is about.”

via Wanken More about the Hug Chair

Industrial Design Interior Design Posted on December 16, 2011
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